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Past 30 day leaderboard

RankTeamNameScoreTime Badges
1IAM: Takin’ Names and Kicking Access56501:12:28
2Zero Trust56501:54:31
375 Slices of Turkey56501:56:07
4IAM Speed56001:25:06
5Two fun 56002:11:07
6Team Wireless56002:11:25
7Protected Class55501:13:49
8Team Royals!55501:20:29
9Cutting Edge55501:22:38
10Identity Thieves55501:43:54
11Red Raider55502:10:42
12Kenna-Bieker Girls B-day55503:27:58
13Banana Splits!54501:38:00
14The Heelers54502:24:54
16Steel My Sunshine53501:09:09
18Pink Panthers!52502:04:55
19Future Leaders of America52002:07:14 Silver Badge
20Team Invisalign50501:51:00
21The Seven Protectors of Identity50001:34:24
22Fin Mcool46002:21:23 Bronze Badge