Leader Board

Quest Highlights

Start: 601 Chicago Ave. (Corner of Chicago and S. 6th St.)

End: City Hall

Distance: 2.0 miles

Time: 2.5 - 3 hours 

Challenges: 17

Bonuses: 4

Additional Cost: None

Points of Interest

US Bank Stadium
Mill City Museum 
Guthrie Theater
Gold Medal Park
Saint Anthony Falls
River Park
Stone Arch Bridge
City Hall

Welcome to Minneapolis... a city where its warm mid-western people take the weather extremes in stride.

Your Minneapolis amazing scavenger hunt adventure will begin at the home of the Vikings and takes you on a journey through urban parks, historic mills, and down along the river and falls. You'll be solving challenges and having fun as you see amazing outdoor art, experience Minneapolis culture, and take in the city's beautiful, natural views.

So dress for the weather and get outside to discover one of the best things to do in Minneapolis as you...Play the Game, See the Sights, and Experience Minneapolis in a whole new way!

$49 Purchase IT
(for a team of 2-5 people)