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Quest Highlights

Start: Visitor Center, 28690 Mercedes St. 

End: Same as start

Distance: .75 miles

Time: 1.0 - 1.5 hours

Challenges: 12

Bonuses: 2

Additional Cost: None

Points of Interest

City Hall
Historic Buildings
Boot Hill
Sam Hick's Monument
Temecula Museum

Welcome to the Old Town Temecula, where the influences of California's past mingle with the wine, food and fun of today. 
Your amazing scavenger hunt adventure will start you in the heart of Old Town taking you "back in time" as you discover the many transformations of Temecula over the course of history by the arrival of the stage coach, the railroad, and large ranching spreads.

So before you hit the wineries, take a few hours to explore Temecula's colorful past as you discover one of the best things to do in Old Town Temecula…play the game, see the sights and experience Temecula in a whole new way.

UAQ Says...for a unique lodging experience stay at The Hotel Temecula in the heart of Old Town. It's like sleeping in a museum! 


$35 Purchase IT
(for a team of 2-5 people)